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Do you fancy yourself an artist who also has exceptional computer skills? If so, a career in animation with a degree at one of the best animation schools might be right for you.

Animators can be the people behind the lovable cartoon characters we see on television and in the movies. But more and more, people trained at an animation school or at animation colleges are also the people behind the graphics for websites, online advertisements and video games.

Depending on which path you wish to take in animation, different types of degrees are necessary. Our website provides a variety of schools and colleges specializing in training you for a career in animation. Let us guide you through the process of choosing the right program for you. Enter your search criteria and zip code into the search bar above to find animation schools and colleges that are right for you.

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Best Animation Schools for Your Career

There is a huge demand for highly-skilled and talented individuals in the field of graphics design, and more specifically in animation, and choosing from the best animation schools can be tough. The job opportunities are numerous and very lucrative for the right individuals, which is why more schools are now offering courses and programs dealing

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