Best Animation Schools for Your Career

There is a huge demand for highly-skilled and talented individuals in the field of graphics design, and more specifically in animation, and choosing from the best animation schools can be tough. The job opportunities are numerous and very lucrative for the right individuals, which is why more schools are now offering courses and programs dealing

with this subject. These schools will better prepare you for the competitive world of animation and the careers involving it. Some people may think that looking at a few instructional videos online would prepare them for a job-hunting spree; however, a lot of employers are now giving more consideration to applicants who have completed a specific animation course and earned their degree in animation.

Your innate talent and animation can go a long way in making sure that you land that dream job in animation; going to the best animation school might be one of the cementing factors. Reputable, top quality schools ensure that you have the chance to hone your skills so you can achieve your highest potential; they also ensure that you are imparted with the technical know-how you would need in the future. In addition, the best animation schools have the latest gadgets and equipment to help you in learning everything you need about the industry.

Look for schools that offer the best-designed courses and programs to suit your needs and interests. If you have friends in the animation industry, ask for a list of some of the top choices for the courses you need and want to take. It would also be a good idea to look at schools that have partnerships with companies that hire animators; if possible, ask for a list of their graduates who have been hired by specific companies, just to have an idea of how high the school’s success rate is when it comes to employment afterwards. Going to a school where a high percentage of graduates go on to land lucrative jobs gives you an edge over students who go to other learning institutions.

The effort you put into looking for the best animation schools will be rewarded by a fulfilling experience, wherein you will learn the ins and outs of the industry you want to be a part of. A little research will go a long way into achieving your goal of becoming one of the highest-paid, most talented and most fulfilled animators of your generation.

Article by Shannon Weaver,