Top Audio Engineering Blogs

SmartSchoolFinder has compiled a list of some of the top audio engineering blogs. Keep them as resources for your career and education!

An Audio Engineer's Blog

An innovative and technical look at audio engineering. Plenty of examples and great for an enthusiast.

The Music Lounge

An elaborate site/blog with a number of posts and articles related to sound and music production as well as audio engineering equipment.

Pro Sound Blog

A personal blog with great advice and and real-life experiences in regards to sound engineering. A long history of updates, but not a regular daily read.

Audio Geek Zine

A fantastic and regularly updated blog dealing with gear and a wide range of topics, including highly useful tutorials.

The Stereo Bus

A comprehensive look at a wide range of music production topics, subscribe to the RSS and you're set. Not updated too regularly but quality content when it is.

Broadcast Engineering Blog

A regularly updated blog related to the broadcast sector, not only sound but anything of interest.

My Musical Journey

A personal blog about audio production and engineering with some interesting personal insight into what goes into being an audio engineer.


A fantastic place for audio engineers to learn, especially with a special section for beginning audio engineers.

Noise Addicts

A music industry blog with a wide range of topics from history to business to news. A great place to go to catch up on some varied reading material

Jeremy Siegel

Great resource with some very helpful tips for aspiring audio engineers. Check out the '3 Common Mistakes Made in Mixing a Song' post for some insight.

Music Think Tank

An industry blog with a great mix of content, both technical and opinionated.

Music Jobs Blog

The music industry made easy. Lot's of up-to-date information and important happenings.

Neon Mastering

Useful tutorials and tips to make sure you are on the right track. Read this and take notes.

The Hearing Blog

Technology, news and more related to hearing and sound.

Folk Sound Guy

A mix of reviews, experiences and educational material for sound engineers everywhere.

Universal Audio Blog

For the serious audio engineer. Some great interviews and insights into the industry, from a company producing the very products people use.

the Pro Audio Files

Great mix of audio related tutorials and other content to keep you informed. Keep this one on your must visit list.


You pretty much have to read this site. Everything you need to know, so much content it will blow your mind :)

Whatever Works!

A great blog from Black River Audio Works detailing projects and equipment with some interesting reads. Posting has slowed but hopefully it will be updated soon!

Dorothy's Sound Engineering Blogs

An older blog that is not regularly updated any longer but has some interesting reads to do with sound engineering.

Bart Migal

A pro blog with well written reviews, guides and more. Don't miss it.

NY Recording Studio Blog

A blog from a sound engineer who knows he needs to update more often :)

Engineer's Diary

A blog that's just getting started, focused on, you guessed it, a sound engineer's experiences.

Hummingbyrd's Blog

A creative industry blog with music, video and lot's more in focus.


A periodically updated blog with a variety of information that ranges from speakers to news stories in the industry. Not updated too regularly but interesting content when it is. Check out the older articles from 2011 for some great tips.

Shit Bands Say

A tumblr blog looking at some of the pitfalls and do's and dont's of the music industry.

Blue Notes

A industry blog from a company producing microphones for serious audio engineers.

The Whipping Post

An older blog with a wide range of content related to anything music.

James Rudder

An artist's blog with lot's of technical stuff in addition to some real life experiences.

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