List of Film Schools

SmartSchoolFinder maintains detailed listings of top video schools. Just enter your zipcode above or choose the state guides to your right and get access to those film schools directly. We suggest making your own list as well.

So you have decided to go to a film school to address your passion, and maybe to have better career options in the future. If you have done some research, chances are you already have a few schools in mind. However, to get a completely detailed comparison of the institution you are looking to go to, it is best if you make a list of the film schools that perfectly fits your needs and wants. This way, you can see all of the benefits and advantages of each school compared to the others; having a list is also a way to avoid getting confused as to the features/qualities of each learning institution. So if you are ready to take on the challenge of looking for the best film schools, grab a pen and paper (or prepare a document/spreadsheet) and start making that all-important list!

You can start list of film schools by thinking of the factors that are most important to you. If you would like to go to film school in a specific location, you can start listing the schools by the cities/states you are interested in. If you only want to go to the most prestigious film schools in the country, you can do a nationwide search of the most highly-acclaimed ones and start listing them as well (don’t forget to include the city and state where each school is located!). Should you have huge concerns about the tuition costs, you might want to make a list of film schools that offer scholarships, or those that have comparatively lower tuition rates compared to other institutions.

Making a list of the things you need to consider is a great way to making a smart decision in the end. The search for the best film school can start and end with a comprehensive list of institutions with all your personal considerations covered. As you go through each school in the list – and as you narrow down your choices – you become that much closer to starting your new life as a film industry professional.

Article by Shannon Weaver,