Guide to Architecture Schools

Architects are the people who not only design the way buildings and structures look, but also make sure they are functional, safe, and suit the needs of the people who plan to use them.

There are three common types of degrees in the field of architecture. One is a bachelors, the other two are various forms of master’s degrees.

There are many schools and colleges which offer degrees in architecture. Visit our special pages about architecture, which include stories on determining if the career is right for you.

Let serve as your guide to choosing the program that is right for you. Use our special search box, which allows you to request schools by zipcode.

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Looking for the Best Architecture Schools

If you are interested in pursuing a career in architecture, the best way to start reaching for this goal is to look at the best architecture schools in your local area; if relocation is not an issue, you may want to expand your search to the best learning institutions in the country. Even if you just want to take architectural courses as a hobby, it would still be best to look for programs offered by colleges or universities that are recognized for their architecture programs, to ensure that you get the highest quality education.

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