Becoming a DJ

Not everyone is blessed with the gift of being able to entertain live audiences with the most enticing combination of songs; this is also the reason why not everyone has the ability to become a DJ, whether in a professional or in a more casual setting. Becoming a DJ does not only involve having the passion for spinning records in front of an eager audience; if and when you decide that you want to pursue this profession, you will still have to have the technical skills needed to pull off such an intensely technical, as well as creative, career path. Keep in mind that, like any other job, you need to train intensively if you want to become a successful DJ.

If you have really determined that you want to pursue your dream of becoming a DJ, you need to look at every option available, so that you have all of the skills and technical know-how to become successful in your chosen career. While it is important for you to have intense passion for music, you also need to have a strong personality – one that can deal with the different types of people that will make up your eager audience, and one that can take the responsibility of making sure that these individuals are kept immensely entertained throughout the duration of your show. You also need to learn how to operate the DJ equipment so you can come up with the sounds and mixes that every DJ needs to master in his own way.

As long as you passionately love music and have the strength of character to deal with different types of people, learning the technical side of becoming a DJ from distinguished recording arts schools may already be a breeze for you. This is not to say that you can slack off and just take the training to become a successful DJ lightly – remember that the technical side is just as important as your ability to hold the attention and adoration of your audience. The most successful DJs are the ones who have the confidence knowing that they can deal with any technical issues that may arise during the program, while having the skills to keep those in attendance highly entertained for long periods of time.

Article by Shannon Weaver,